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   WHO AM I ?  

Originally starting with an Analytical, (post grad). Advanced Certificate in Counselling from the Lincoln Clinic (attached to The Tavistock,)  where I developed my own programme of Stress Management in the NHS and Education  in collaboration with Reading Unversity, I then went on to do my Diploma and Supervisor's training at The Centre for Counselling and Psychotherapy in London , (Eclectic & Transpersonal.)  


There I was responsible for all student supervision and taught the Mindfulness/Body-centred element of the Diploma course for both 2nd & 4th Years for over 20 years.


I gained my Certificate In Hakomi Therapy as well as in Couples and Trauma ultimately becoming a Teacher  in1993.


Running ongoing CPD groups  for 13 years in Dreamwork, Advanced Skills and Ritual/Deep Ecology, I moved to North Norfolk in 2001.


The intention was to develop my work as a sculptor, having studied Anthroposohical Sculpture Therapy for 5 years in Sussex to develop my Art is Medicine project. (


However, for the last 11 years I have also been specialising in working with adopted children and their families developing my own systems-based way of supporting them as part of the North Norfok Government Adoption Support Team who for many years now have been awarded Excellent by Offsted.


My work also took me to Beijing China where Art is Medicine helped set up a specialist unit offering support to Chinese parents who had studied and worked abroad and their children. The challenge of finding the balance of integrating what their travels have taught them about parenting and educational styles whilst managing the impact of the One Child Poilcy on them in relation to family expectations of them is considerable. Creative solutions are emerging.


Please visit for more details of my involvement in that innovative initiative.



My work now is offered from a new therapy unit called The Studio at The Turning Point in nearly 4 and a half acres of sculpture gardens filled with Art is Medicine interactive installations nestling within the woodlands overlooking the sea.  

We completed the construction of  Art is Medicine's new home in late October 2016 . We were delighted to welcome Norman Lamb to open the building officially on November 11th and over 60 invited guests enjoyed a lovely evening.  Here, we continue to offer therapy to individuals, couples and groups: offer workshops and training to all in the Caring Professions. Complimenting workshops and trainings in CBT, EMDR, Voice Work , Equine Therapy and  UKCP/CCPE approved CPD courses are planned. In January a conference of like minded professionals met for a day at The Studio to discuss the current situation with children, adoption and current support for individuals suffering from Trauma and  PTSD. The outcome was a new group called "At The Coal Face". Watch out for news and updates!


Whilst, there are many different styles of support being offered, what is primary is to help visitors  learn the value of true Body-centred Mindfulness. Mindfulness allows us to find the internal space where we can be receptive to gathering information about who we are and how we relate to the world.  This, in turn, allows us to make new choices that improve the quality of our lives. 


The whole atmosphere of The Turning Point helps visitors achieve the vital felt sense that all parts of you are safe and  welcome.

It allows you to access the primal intelligence within you of 220 million years of evolution.

Evolution for human beings is organised towards both healing and greater consciousness. By reconnecting to the blueprint within us , it becomes possible to move beyond surviving  - to thriving within a benign  yet primal Universe. Providing we understand the primal nature of Life and the challenges each stage of life presents, the developing mastery rewards us with greater personal power. This allows us  to choose  to transform those deep impressions  that have created core beliefs  adversely affecting our sense of who we are and how we relate to the world. By identifying past trauma, it is possible to become more conscious of how it continues to affect our future .


Mindfulness brings us into the present moment of our experience and begins the process of mastering our brains rather than continuing to be ruled by them. Using the advances in neuroscience, the heart can be offered its chance to sing and express itself again.

Learn how to tune in and pay attention to what has specific heart and meaning for you - and how to act on this.

Feel able to learn how to protect yourself through expressing your truth whilst discriminating when and how to do this.


Regain the trust to let go of trying to control your environment and allow curiosity, longing and wonder to lead you to learning how to develop the will and resilience to gain mastery of your own life in harmony with others you choose to relate with - and the world. Learning when and how to let go is another useful skill to acquire.

Below are downloadable documents written and developed by me. From left to right the Triage Support, AIM Mindfulness and finally my career history and commitments to my theraputic role.