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  • Katrina Lloyd Cole & Ottilie Armitage-Brown

Breathing Techniques and Tools


In this section you will find some techniques and tools to help you find your core and inner space again should the challenges you face be:

  • creating pain

  • disturbing your sleep

  • unsettling your digestive system

  • causing panic attacks/anxiety

  • leaving you feeling a sense of inner chaos

  • feeling you want to cry frequently

  • excessively angry and prone to explosive outbursts.

BREATHE (The quality of your breath dictates the quality of your life - seriously!).

  • Turn your attention to your breath and simply watch it for 5-10 breaths - bringing your focus back gently each time it wanders.

  • Now, allow your curiousity to notice which is easier, the in breath or the out breath.

  • Whichever it is, in or out, amplify it a little at a time extending your breath eventually to the count of 4.

  • Take charge now and allow yourself to hold at the end of the out breath to the count of 2/3 as well.

  • Whichever was the easier, start there by extending the time you take to do this and hold at the end of the in breath too.

  • Bring your rhythm gradually to making the out breathe the longer and holding in between each out breath and each in breath.

  • Do this for about 10 breaths, e.g. in to the count of 4: hold for 2/3: out to the count of 8: hold for 2/3. x 10

  • At some point during this if you gently keep bringing your attention back to what you are choosing to do, you will notice your body takes charge and your breathing changes automatically.

Well done! You are well on your way to two key elements to greater power of yourself: awareness and controlling your breathing. Your body is there to help; it is the product of 220 million years of evolution. Learning how to come back in tune with it and understanding how things become dysregulated allows you to access enormous resources of inner wisdom and support.

Go on, give this technique a try. What have you got to lose? 5 or 10 minutes that is all - giving yourself a little support and then practising the technque so that it becomes automatic and you notice when you lose a healthy breathing pattern and can choose to do something about it.

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