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  • Katrina Lloyd Cole & Ottilie Armitage-Brown

The Body Centred Approach

The Body-centred approach has its roots in Mindfulness (which the Buddhists call Vipassana and Eugene Gendlin's technique of Focussing. Gendlin was doing his research around the same time as Freud and Jung and his contribution was very much focused on taking advantage of what Evolution has developed by being truly in the body and awake at the body/mind interface. From that state of arwareness, we can access both past wisdom and all the advances neuroscience is discovering. What is crucial is that the sequence Nature has created is the one we also use in seeking effective and lasting ways of healing and transformation.

Mindfulness shows us it is possible to align with an awareness that was present long before the psyche was "online" - quantum mind. The innate ability of the body to heal is hugely magnified by our witnessing awareness at this level and the curiosity so much a part of how young children and animals learn will guide us too as adults providing we are atuned at this most vital of interfaces between what information the brain sends to the body and vice versa.

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