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  • Katrina Lloyd Cole & Ottilie Armitage-Brown

A smile costs nothing - austerity with compassion.

At the core, every single one of us is doing our best and each of us needs support and the sense of personal value and self worth. A smile costs nothing but can go a long way to reducing people's sense of worthlessnesss and abandonment in an environment of economic austerity that stimulates anxiety about managing financially. And........... austerity can be practised with compassion.

It does not have to be an "either/or" approach that pulls us through. Either we make massive cut backs or we go bankrupt.


An " and / and " approach reconnects us to the prefrontal cerebral cortex - that extraordinary part of our human brain that is set up to notice when there is no solution to the current challenge and amazingly.... and I do not choose this word lightly -

yes... amazingly finds solutions that were not there previously.

We are the great inventors of Nature.

If we can become more aware of just how shocked we are and how this has flooded our society with fear thus activating our reptilian brains into the various survial modes of fight flight freeze and avoid, we can then take the steps necessary to wipe them off again.

Feeling ok in the present moment allows our human brains to develop the solutions that will emerge. Feeding ourselves messages that do not encourage or appreciate what we have is highly detrimental. If we are unaware of negative core beliefs, they rule the quality of our lives and dictate outcomes well.

Research shows that the nourishing brain waves that can be achieved through 20 minutes of mediation is the equivalent to four hours sleep. Human beings flourish with greater awareness- consciousness. That awareness allows us to rewire our neural pathways and make better choices. Unaware of our past conditioning, that is the response to a child's need to survive by fitting in, in whatever way was the family model, we remain trapped in the past: a past that is creating our future.

Originally, I became a psychotherapist because I passionately believed that many of us, myself included at that time, are entitled to a far better quality of life than many of us currently have.

I still do.

We live in one of the richest, most abundant societies on this blue, beautiful and extraordinary planet. Evolution is set up to help us flourish as part of the whole. Belonging: knowing you are wanted and belong naturually results in wanting to cherish; preserve and nurture. Why else did Blue Peter manage to collect massive towers of 1000's of unwanted trainers for children in Africa?

Every child is precious. Children lead from the heart if they have been held in the heart of their society.

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