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  • Katrina Lloyd Cole & Ottilie Armitage-Brown

Mindfulness based, Body-centred, Transpersonal Psychotherapy

Good therapy allows you to explore, in safety, who you are and how you currently relate to both your internal and external world in a manner where all parts of you are welcome.

By becoming more conscious, the space emerges for you to select what works in your life

and explore how the areas you would choose to transfom originated. You both build and cross a bridge from unconsciousness to greater consciousness.

What you may be experiencing currently as a crisis, a blockage, a heartbreak... can be transfomed and you regain the belief that you can do this. Ultimately what emerges is an opportunity to evolve and develop quailities that help you achieve geniune growth and change.

Crossing the bridge allows you to access the wisdom that lies within you - in your deep unconscious.

Where once you were abandoned, you find yourself living in a benign Universe.

An opportunity is revealed that will allow you to translate the clues being offered to you and to develop the skills which help you become 'the traveller' in your own life.

Good therapy supports you in achieving this.


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