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  • Annie Lloyd

Crossing My Rubicon

Hello to Each of You

Hopefully you can all feel the days getting longer and the light getting stronger.

I found myself with my own Rubicon to cross about how and where I want to spend my time in the future.

April 1st will be my birthday, it is also Easter Sunday. I am aware that limitation and mortality is now the sensible reality to address and both befriend and commit to.

This is no “bucket list” it is much more about individuating and realising how vital it is to be doing things which lighten my heart. Befriending limitation and finding joy as I age is, I find, an new imperative which I hope will call to you as well. If I am to become the kind of older person I aspire to becoming: yes, an old fool, but equally one who has worked extremely hard to attain some degree of free will, it is time to plan and accept the challenge to change. I am interested in Earthed and truly Transpersonal choices which have heart and meaning for me as I acknowledge that time is limited.

I have been gathering myself and looking at what the coming year can bring. We have decided not to start in major building plans but instead have already begun the process of replacing the little onion-shaped building that had been used for storytelling, meditation and group work. Some over enthusiastic builders who had been asked to replace some of the rotting wood virtually ripped the whole thing down whilst we were away some years ago, so we took it down. It was the very first thing I built here after putting up stables for my daughter and I did it because you can see the sea from up there.

Originally, there was also a fire pit with seating round it and an adjoining eco hot tub which you accessed via a log arch. But it fell out of use because the building was gone. With the new studio being finished, we found these rather clever ground grids which provide a stable base for the space outside.

It was at that point we turned our attention to the land at the top again and we to put the base back for a new sanctuary building to be re-erected at some point. The new hexagonal building, called the Stille Point will have benches round the inside walls and a raised fire in the centre, arrives at the end of this month and it is a joy to be certain that that magical spot will be reinstated.

We are planning more events this year with a poetry therapy weekend, and a retreat in the summer.

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